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Our chapter is the local chapter for Muskies Inc. Our chapter was started in 1975 and is known as Chapter #5; the Pomme De Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc.

Muskies Inc. has over 6,000 Members and 50 independent Local Chapters throughout the country. We have become a national voice for the protection of the Muskie species. Muskies Inc. is widely recognized as the first organized group of sports anglers to espouse the “Catch and Release” practice now embraced by many conservation-minded groups throughout North America. Today Muskies, Inc. focuses on three critical areas: Youth, Fisheries, And Research.

We provide opportunities for people who want to fish for muskies in Missouri.  If you are just getting started in the sport or wish to learn more then there is no better way than to come out and join us for an outing or meeting. Our membership is as diverse as anyone can imagine with fishermen and fisherwomen ranging from the age of 10 to fishermen in their eighties.

Our chapter website, Facebook page, monthly newsletter, and local “Meet & Greets” provide a means of communication to inform both members and non-members alike about the muskie fishing opportunities we have available.

In addition to our chapter’s communications, Muskies Inc., the national organization has benefits, such as 6 issues per year of Muskie Magazine, and full access to the MI website  which contains a searchable database of over 420,000 catch & releases. Eligibility to participate in national events such as The Gil Hamm Challenge & regional events held at various lakes throughout the US and Canada. We fish these events as a chapter competing against other chapters.

If you don’t own a boat, that is not a problem. Many of our members don’t have boats either. Members with boats are always looking for partners.

Please accept our invitation to come fish with us.