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Chapter Projects

The Pomme de Terre Chapter of Muskies Inc. works closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation in improving and maintaining the five Muskie Lakes in Missouri. Chapter fundraisers go directly to these projects and we help other chapters through donations when necessary to maintain their muskie fisheries.

In 2022, Chapter members volunteered time & donated $3,500 for the PIT tagging program at Hazel Creek Lake to determine better stocking rates and calculate age and growth data to be used as a model in other Missouri muskie lakes. Over the next several years Muskies Inc. anglers will collect data on caught fish to assist the Missouri Department of Conservation.

In 2020 donated $5,000 to purchase fathead minnow breeding stock. In the fall of 2019, the fingerling muskies at Lost Valley Hatchery developed a non-lethal Golden Shiner virus; the hatchery needed to scrub the holding tanks and treat the water while observing the fish for any signs of additional disease before they could release them. The result of holding the remaining fish while the tests were being performed on the muskies was the depletion of the fathead minnows and their brood stock. Fathead minnows are fed to the muskies during the rearing period. The monetary donation was used to purchase 560 lbs of fathead minnow broodstock.


Installation of brush piles in Lake Pomme de Terre almost every spring for the past 20+ years including placing brush piles alongside handicap-accessible fishing piers.  The project is done in conjunction with the Corp of Engineers and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Installed and maintained vegetation beds in an attempt to re-establish vegetation in Lake Pomme de Terre.  The chapter donated funds and received matching funds from Muskies, Inc.  Chapter members donated hundreds of man-hours of labor to help the MDC install the vegetation beds.  The project started in 2004 and is being continued by the Missouri Department of Conservation.


Hinge cut trees at Henry Sever Lake to
improve all species' habitats. March 2017.


In 2015 the chapter donated $500 for a habitat structure to be placed in muskie-rearing ponds at the hatchery. Studies have shown that muskie fingerlings acclimate better to the lakes when released by looking for structure versus lining up on the lake edge where they are susceptible to predation.

  • Since 2012 the chapter donated fourteen nets to the MDC to cover rearing ponds at Lost Valley Hatchery to increase the yield of muskies fingerlings by reducing bird predation.  Each net costs approximately  $1,200.